MLM Software with Built In eWallet

MLM Software with Built In eWallet

MLM Software for Direct Selling and Party Plan Businesses
MLM Software for Direct Selling and Party Plan Businesses

MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan companies face the challenge of delivering commissions, bonuses or promotions to it’s membership… QUICKLY!  An eWallet can give an almost Instant Access to funds, that can often be transferred, withdrawn or spent right now on products from the company.

Imagine commission calculations that you can split-post… some to an xls document to be run through your own check-writing program and the other directed to an eWallet. Firstly, this is handy if your primary focus is physical checks, which Everyone LOVES! The real angle here is you could set a threshold, say $20. Anything $20 and over goes into the xls for checks to be sent, while anything below the threshold goes to the eWallet. Talk about reducing postage costs! Yes, the export xls can just as easily be an api post to your favorite debitcard channel.

Now, imagine you pay all your commissions to the eWallet, giving instant earnings to the membership. Each member can see thier eWallet value from the back office. They can send it to another member, say their mom who just joined. Spend it themselves on company products/services. Or, they could request a withdrawal, which triggers sending of check or disbursement through debitcard.

Ok, now, consider a Direct Selling Party Plan company with Host Rewards. Perhaps a party with $1000 to $2000 creates $150 eWallet value for the Hostess. Maybe $2000.01 to $4000 creates $250 eWallet value for the Hostess. Yes, they can spend as real money on products.

What about a bonus, like a Team Bonus that every time 3 $999 Premiere Product Packs are sold $300 is qued as a pending Team Bonus, that after x days, say 7 days auto deposits to their eWallet? Yes, this can occur every single day, as sales occur and as the days of seasoning pass. If you don’t know it, the days of seasoning are simply a way to make sure funds clear on sales before hard dollar value is put in the eWallet.

Well, there’s a thumbnail discussion of eWallet functions available in the most trusted MLM Software available, DB44 by Inspetta. With over 20 years of experience, our system is complete, from the front-end to the back end, including: replication, back offices, party pages, administration, sales management, member management, reports, commissions and much more. A very flexible commission engine can be configured with thousands of possibilities and we are certainly willing to perform custom work, based on your needs.

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TriviaMash®,  Starting a Revolution in the Fundraising Game

TriviaMash®, Starting a Revolution in the Fundraising Game

Trivia is a great way to twitch your mind every once in a while with general knowledge. This all becomes a lot of fun too if the trivia is about your favorite topic or subjects. Trivia games have been around for a long while now but they have always been seen in form of board games or in some other hard form, making it difficult to play it on the go and they take time in setting up.

TriviaMash® has developed an ingenious new design that combines the love of trivia with a very creative manner in which to help non-profit groups raise money. Owing to the fact that everybody now wants to do everything on their smartphone or computer, TriviaMash® has brought this fun game in the form of an online trivia game.

TriviaMash® is innovative while being educational. Kids will find that learning things can be really fun. Are you heading out on a road trip? Or are you at a place where you didn’t want to be in the first place but somehow ended up there and want to kill boredom? You can easily access TriviaMash® online and stay entertained. Keep your mind occupied and you will be able to kill the time in a more productive way.

It is pretty easy to support your favorite cause and begin your own trivia adventure. On top of the benefits of supporting a great cause you get just as much out of it. You just have to create an account just like any other site and purchase a 6 month or 1 year subscription. It is that simple. Your cause gets 50% of the sale and they can go off and do good things. You can feel good that you supported them and now have something fun to keep you entertained.


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