My Army Story :Coming Back from Bad Place, Advice to Applicants, RMC, FYOP, etc | Laurie Martel

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03:51 Application — When I applied
04:53 When I first got to RMC
07:37 CFLRS School of Recruits
09:45 FYOP
14:06 Post-FYOP RMC life
15:13 Secret tip for 1st years
16:59 Physical Training at RMC and in the CF
17:59 My decision to leave
19:41 Submitting my request of release & the process
24:46 Days on the holding platoon
28:57 Post-release life -Back to the civilian world
31:16 Advice on coming back from a bad place in your life
33:30 How I feel about the Army now
38:24 Last tip for RMC applicants
40:52 Last thoughts on my RMC experience

also make sure to check out my blog post for a diary post and complete explanations of the RMC life for future RMC applicants!
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