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Vine video app making South Floridians instant celebrities
We aspired to do exactly what we desired to do,” “said Wellington'' s Marcus Johns, 21, who was a media manufacturing student at Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth when he discovered the site in March 2013. “”My thing was creativity, doing new jobs. I believe …
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Splits for Fears: Pabst Task crowd goes head over heels
The band started their set off with “Secret World” and “Sowing the Seeds of Love,” then introduced a trio of tunes from their debut album, The Hurting– “Pale Shelter”, “Modification” and “Mad World”. The Hurting simply celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2012 …
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Moms and dads, Get Your Teenage Daughters the IUD
Helping your little girl get an IUD into location prior to she goes off to college (or even earlier, to be safe) will cover that typical window. Now that Obamacare requires contraception to be covered without a copay, there'' s no charge if you'' re insured and …
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Ways to: college essay excellence
Think outside the box, and don'' t take the main themes that colleges desire you to blog about as being set in stone. There'' s constantly a little wiggle space, and colleges want you to wiggle. Be yourself. That'' s the very best recommend anybody can give you. If you …
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Council on Postsecondary Education president to lead national group
As chair, King will preside over SHEEO's annual meeting and the meetings of its executive committee, will advise and oversee the work of the SHEEO president, and will appoint the chairs of all SHEEO committees. King will help shape the policy direction …
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SUNY looks to develop uniform sexual assault regulations
The new policy would create a uniform definition of consent; give sexual assault victims the option to notify campus, local or state police regarding an assault, rather than allow the college to handle it exclusively in house; give amnesty to victims …
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9 Time Management Pointer for Freshmen That In fact Work
Klotz indicate a time where this advice worked for her: “”When I was a doctoral student I would state '' one more hour of studying and afterwards I'' m getting an ice cream cone.'” '”She says those small benefits kept her concentrated and inspired to succeed in her work.
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Applying to university: take advantage of open days
I based it on an overheard conversation between two peers going over the benefits of studying in London. I googled the university, thought it looked excellent, and decided to apply. Thankfully, this lack of care didn'' t impact my total experience, but who'' s …
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Poor college students share their best life hacks
Attention, poor college students: we have some tips from your collegiate colleagues for how to maintain the lifestyle you want on the budget you have. Being a cash-strapped college student is a tired cliche, but it's the reality that many face; it ain …
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Panel to offer college admissions and interviews tips
College admissions have never been more competitive. The importance of the alumni interview in the college admissions process is the focus of a panel discussion at the Outback in New Canaan on Wednesday, Sept. 10th from 7-8:45 p.m. High school …
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