Unusual 2.5 billion-year-old rocks expose a hot spot of sulfur-breathing life

Unusual 2.5 billion-year-old rocks expose a hot spot of sulfur-breathing life

(PRWEB) November 06, 2014

Wriggle your toes in a marsh’s mucky bottom sediment and you’ll most likely inhale a rotten egg smell, the distinct smell of hydrogen sulfide gas. That’s the biochemical signature of sulfur-using bacteria, one of Earth’s many old and widespread life kinds.

. Among scientists who study the early history of our 4.5 billion-year-old planet, there is a vigorous argument about the evolution of sulfur-dependent bacteria. These basic organisms developed at a time when oxygen levels in the environment were less than one-thousandth of what they are now. Living in ocean waters, they respired (or inhaled) sulfate, a sulfur and oxygen material, rather of complimentary oxygen molecules. However how did that sulfate reach the ocean, and when did it end up being bountiful enough for living things to utilize it?

. New study by University of Maryland geology doctoral student Iadviga Zhelezinskaia provides an unexpected answer. Zhelezinskaia is the very first analyst to evaluate the biochemical signals of sulfur materials discovered in 2.5 billion-year-old carbonate rocks from Brazil. The rocks were formed on the ocean floor in a geologic time called the Neoarchaean Ages. They emerged when prospectors drilling for gold in Brazil punched a hole into bedrock and pulled out a 590-foot-long core of ancient rocks.

. In study released Nov. 7, 2014 in the journal Science, Zhelezinskaia and 3 co-authors– physicist John Cliff of the University of Western Australia and geologists Alan Kaufman and James Farquhar of UMD– show that bacteria depending on sulfate were plentiful in some parts of the Neoarchaean ocean, despite the fact that sea water typically consisted of about 1,000 times less sulfate than it does today.

.”The samples Iadviga measured carry an extremely strong signal that sulfur substances were eaten and altered by living organisms, which was unexpected,” states Farquhar. “She likewise made use of fundamental geochemical models to give an idea of just how much sulfate was in the oceans, and discovers the sulfate concentrations are extremely low, much lower than previously believed.”

. Geologists study sulfur because it is abundant and combines readily with other aspects, forming substances stable enough to be maintained in the geologic record. Sulfur has four naturally happening steady isotopes– atomic trademarks left in the rock record that researchers can utilize to identify the aspects’ different types. Researchers measuring sulfur isotope ratios in a rock sample can learn whether the sulfur came from the atmosphere, weathering rocks or biological processes. From that info about the sulfur sources, they can deduce essential information about the state of the atmosphere, oceans, continents and biosphere when those rocks formed.

. Farquhar and other researchers have used sulfur isotope ratios in Neoarchaean rocks to show that soon after this duration, Earth’s environment altered. Oxygen levels soared from simply a couple of parts per million to almost their current level, which is around 21 percent of all the gases in the atmosphere. The Brazilian rocks Zhelezinskaia tested program just trace quantities of oxygen, a sign they were formed before this atmospheric modification.

. With hardly any oxygen, the Neoarchaean Earth was a restricting place for many modern life kinds. The continents were most likely much drier and dominated by volcanoes that released sulfur dioxide, co2, methane and other greenhouse gases. Temperatures probably varied between 0 and 100 degrees Celsius (32 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit), warm enough for liquid oceans to form and germs to grow in them.

. Rocks 2.5 billion years old or older are extremely uncommon, so geologists’ understanding of the Neoarchaean are based upon a handful of samples from a few little areas, such as Western Australia, South Africa and Brazil. Geologists theorize that Western Australia and South Africa were when part of an old supercontinent called Vaalbara. The Brazilian rock samples are equivalent in age, however they could not be from the exact same supercontinent, Zhelezinskaia says.

. Many of the Neoarchaean rocks studied are from Western Australia and South Africa and are black shale, which forms when fine dust settles on the sea floor. The Brazilian prospector’s core includes lots of black shale and a band of carbonate rock, formed below the surface of superficial seas, in a setting that most likely resembled today’s Bahama Islands. Black shale normally contains sulfur-bearing pyrite, however carbonate rock generally does not, so geologists have not concentrated on sulfur signals in Neoarchaean carbonate rocks up until now.

. Zhelezinskaia “opted to look at a kind of rock that others usually stayed clear of, and exactly what she saw was marvelously various,” stated Kaufman. “It really opened our eyes to the ramifications of this research study.”

. The Brazilian carbonate rocks’ isotopic ratios showed they formed in ancient seabed consisting of sulfate from climatic sources, not continental rock. And the isotopic ratios likewise revealed that Neoarchaean germs were plentiful in the sediment, respiring sulfate and produced hydrogen sulfide– the exact same procedure that goes on today as germs recycle decomposing organic matter into minerals and gases.

. How could the sulfur-dependent bacteria have prospered during a geologic time when sulfur levels were so low? “It appears that they were in superficial water, where evaporation may have been high enough to focus the sulfate, and that would make it abundant sufficient to support the germs,” states Zhelezinskaia.

. Zhelezinskaia is now assessing carbonate rocks of the very same age from Western Australia and South Africa, to see if the pattern holds true for rocks formed in other shallow water environments. If it does, the results may alter scientists’ understanding of among Earth’s earliest biological procedures.

.”There is an ongoing debate about when sulfate-reducing bacteria developed and how that suits the advancement of life on our world,” says Farquhar. “These rocks are informing us the bacteria were there 2.5 billion years back, and they were doing something significant enough that we can see them today.”

. This study was supported by the Fulbright Program (Grantee ID 15110620), the NASA Astrobiology Institute (Grant No. NNA09DA81A) and the National Science Foundation Frontiers in Earth-System Characteristics program (Grant No. 432129). The material of this article does not necessarily reflect the views of these companies.

.”Large sulfur isotope fractionations connected with Neoarchaean microbial sulfate reductions,” Iadviga Zhelezinskaia, Alan J. Kaufman, James Farquhar and John High cliff, was published Nov. 7, 2014 in Science. Download the abstract after 2 p.m. U.S. Eastern time, Nov. 6, 2014: http://www.sciencemag.org/lookup/doi/10.1126/science.1256211!.?.! James Farquhar web page: http://www.geol.umd.edu/directory.php?id=13

. Alan J. Kaufman web page: http://www.geol.umd.edu/directory.php?id=15!.?.! Iadviga Zhelezinskaia web page: http://www.geol.umd.edu/directory.php?id=66!.?.! Media Relations

Contact: Abby Robinson, 301-405-5845, abbyr(at)umd(dot)edu . Author: Heather Dewar . University of Maryland . College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences . 2300 Symons Hall . College Park, Md. 20742 . http://www.cmns.umd.edu!.?.! @UMDscience

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