First Year Students: College Before University?

Much of the last grade of high school is invested contemplating the future. Lots of students have
been considering and plotting their future for numerous years currently, while
others seem stunned and suddenly aware of the impending end of their mandatory
education. Teachers, counsellors and moms and dads all appear to have opinions and
recommendations and the options can feel overwhelming– work, travel and additional education
are all options.

Students who have decided to continue their education at institution of higher learnings have additional choices to make. Despite the program they prepare to obtain and study
in, the first year is mainly one of taking pre-requisite initial
classes. If students are uncertain as to what their course of research will be,
this is an exceptional opportunity to take a variety of courses throughout topics, and to discover
what different programs have to offer, both while at school and in terms of work
after graduation.

While numerous students go straight to university, others might chose to begin at neighborhood
colleges. There are a couple of reasons for doing this. Courses are typically much
smaller sized in colleges than in universities, where it isn’t really uncommon to discover
initial level courses with well over a hundred students. Smaller sized courses can
enable a simpler shift from the high school milieu. As well, neighborhood
colleges are more cost-effective– not only is tuition usually much lower, lots of
students selected to live in your home for another year or two, instead of facing
living expenses of living in another city.

Alternatively, universities do provide more class choices and variety from the outset, and for
many, the chance to vacate the household home is worth the extra expenses.
And students whose households reside in a university town can go to and still
enjoy the expense saving advantages of living in the house. Some students thrive on the ability to end up being one of a crowd in auditorium courses. There is commonly more credit provided those
students who are in university, due to media and social viewpoints that rate
college education as 2nd course.

Though students seeking a degree will end up in university, college can be viewed as an
option for the first year or two.

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Drexel University Online Celebrates National Range Learning Week

Drexel University Online Celebrates National Range Learning Week

Philadelphia, Pa. (PRWEB) November 06, 2014

Drexel University Online will commemorate National Range Learning Week(NDLW) with its 8th yearly awards event, honoring extraordinary leaders, faculty and personnel for their accomplishments and dedication to online learning, on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.

. In an effort to produce higher awareness of distance learning and to recognize extraordinary leaders and finest practices in the field, Drexel University Online started NDLW, in conjunction with the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA).

.”Online education plays an extremely vital role right here at Drexel, where our specified mission is to offer every student with an important, extensive, experiential and technology-infused education,” said Susan Aldridge, Ph.D., president of Drexel University Online. “In reality, overall, more than 13,000 Drexel students are taking a minimum of one course online, which is certainly consistent with campus trends nationwide.”

. With distance learning greatly growing throughout the years, Drexel University has actually been a leading leader of online education because 1996. At Drexel University, more than 7,500 unique students from all 50 states and 20 countries are pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or certificate.

. More than 7.1 million students were registered in a minimum of one online course through a university throughout fall 2012, according to a January 2014 online education report by the Babson Survey Research Group and College Board. At the secondary school level, over 700,000 high school students are taking one or more courses online, and almost 40 states have actually developed state-wide or state-lead virtual schools.

.”National Distance Learning Week is an event of discovering transformed through innovation,” stated Jenny Jopling, president of the USDLA. “During the week of November 10th, modern learning discoveries will certainly be shared through 29 live webcasts hosted on, made possible by the USDLA and Drexel University Online. These webinars will be an ideal rally of professionals from a range of range learning perspectives, offering a wealth of knowledge to those in the online knowing industry who work hard to continually enhance education.”

. Developed in 2007, NDLW looks for to commemorate the incredible development and achievements happening today in distance knowing education, while showing appreciation to those who make an indelible mark in the field and with students. This year’s party will showcase Drexel alumnus Shawn Brown, who is the vice president and chief operating officer for the Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education. Brown was a 2008 graduate of the online Master’s in College program and is the very first online graduate to serve on the Drexel University Alumni Association’s Board of Governors.

.” I am recognized to get involved in Drexel University Online’s National Range Knowing Week event,” stated Shawn Brown. “Drexel University offers the finest of both worlds, a name you can trust and a quality education that is available throughout the world.”

. To find out more on Drexel University Online’s 2014 NDLW event, please visit Also, follow the conversation on social media at #DrexelNDLW.


### . About Drexel University Online:

. Drexel University Online, a division of Philadelphia-based Drexel University, focuses on ingenious, Internet-based education programs for working specialists, organizations, and corporations in the United States and abroad. Ranked by U.S. News & & World Report among the “Finest Online Graduate Programs” in the fields of Company Administration, Engineering, Nursing, and Library Science, Drexel’s online programs are amongst the elite in the country. Drexel University has been an innovator in technology-enhanced education, providing degrees online given that 1996, and enjoys local accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges & & Secondary Schools. To read more on Drexel University Online, kindly check out

. Contacts:

. Sabrina Ram, director of strategic communications, Drexel University Online; -LRB-215-RRB- 939-7955 or sr62(at)drexel(dot)edu

. Niki Gianakaris, director of media relations, Drexel University; -LRB-215-RRB- 778-7752 or ng38(at)drexel(dot)edu


. .

Information on Georgia College and State University

Georgia College & & State University was chartered as Georgia Typical & & Industrial College in the year 1889. The focus, during the time, was on profession education. It was entrusted with setting up young females for professions in informing or producing professions. In the year 1917 Georgia Typical & & Industrial School, in line with cultural and financial changes inside the state, was licensed to supply degrees. The very first degree was administered in the year 1921. The following year, the name was changed to the Georgia State College for Women.

The school has been part of the University System of Georgia given that its beginning in 1932. The name was customized in 1961 to Women’s College of Georgia. In 1967, the College went co-educational and ended up being Georgia College at Milledgeville. Later, the label was reduced to Georgia College.

In 1987 an educational exchange created with the Individuals’s Republic of China. This academic exchange indicated a rebirth of international communication by way of discovering abroad and student exchange programs.

By August of 1996, a change of name to Georgia College & & State University was certified by the Board of Regents. Furthermore it licensed a brand-new project as being the State’s Public Liberal Arts University. Although the official name is Georgia College & & State University, the school prefers to be called Georgia College.

At Georgia College & & State University, the student to faculty rate is nearly 17:1 with about 34 percent of classes having less than 20 students. Amongst the most well-liked majors at GCSU are Health Instructor Education, Nursing and RN Training, Marketing Administration, Company Administration and Management, and Psychology.

Some of the degrees and majors that are offered at GCSU make up Legal Enforcement Administration, Accounting, Company Administration, International Business, Marketing Management, Psychology, Journalism and many others.

Georgia College & & State University offers student services such as ladies’s center, health insurance coverage, wellness and wellbeing service, and non-remedial coaching. GCSU likewise offers campus security and safety services that include night time transport along with companion service, 24 Hr foot as well as automobile patrol, lighted paths in addition to pathways, 24 hour emergency telephones, managed dormitory access as well as student patrols.

GCSU offers its students with housing. Students can choose to stay in either a high-rise apartment at The Village situated on the West Campus, or at suite-styled dormitory at the Central School.

There are a number of sororities as well as fraternities under numerous councils. Student life at GCSU can include useful opportunities to work in the media. The Georgia College & & State College student media consists of the Bobcat Media Productions/GCTV News that is a TV station/news program, a publication referred to as Colonnade, WGUR 88.9 radio, a journal of student research called Corinthian and a beneficial journal called Peacock’s Feet.

Georgia College & & State University’s Student Government Association (SGA) serves students by looking at their concerns, dispensing all things that are appointed by the school President to the student body, and encouraging understanding within the University.

The surroundings of the GCSU school is urban with a campus of about 590 acres. It makes use of a semester-based academic schedule. The university has handicap services too. So if you are considering going to a college in Georgia, you must provide significant factor to consider to Georgia College and State University.

Sam Schlosser – I provide useful information on the Institution of higher learnings in Georgia so that potential students can make an informed decision on which school to go to the Georgia College and State University